Thursday, March 3, 2011

World Juniors and Canada Winter Games

World Juniors proved to be a challenging adventure. The team atmosphere and the high level competitions made for a wonderful experience. I placed 81st in the opening Sprint out of 95 starters with 5/10 on the range not qualifying me for the pursuit. I spent the Sunday pursuit day rooting for Scott Gow and Vincent Blais, who both barred well in there opening races. After a long break I was really hoping to improve on my Sprint results in the Individual on Wednesday. I placed 61st which was a much better performance hitting all my prone shots and 75% overall. Scott broke the top ten giving us much to cheer about :). In the Relay we finished a sub-par 13th due to some poor standing shooting much regretted.

From the Czech Republic I flew straight to Halifax for the Canada Winter Games. I posted better shooting results at these events shooting a 75% average. I was 6th in the Sprint moving up to 5th in the pursuit and 5th in the Individual. Alberta swept the podium in all these races making them the clear favorite for the relay. We where a ways back from them but still on the podium in 3rd place. YEAAA BC!

I have returned from these races motivated to improve despite some downfalls including a nasty virus. I am looking forward to getting ready for x-c nationals and biathlon nationals coming up once my sickness perishes.


  1. Get better soon! Good luck at Nationals!

  2. at first i thought your display pic was some bikini babe. then i was like he must be beau-champs buddy. u guys keep up the good work. once u get in the next olympics i'll def be ther.

  3. Bart your a blogging hero! Thanks for the support!