Thursday, January 13, 2011

A great opportunity

Since the start of this season I have had sub-par performances not being able to bring fast skiing and good shooting together. Falling short of qualifying for World Juniors, and finding myself either way back in races or not being able to fight for a podium spot when it matters. On January 10th I was informed that I had made the Canadian World Junior Team and would be racing internationally representing Canada for the first time due to fellow team mate Aaron Gillmor accepting a spot on the Cross-Country Canadian Junior Team (great work!).
This is "a great opportunity" for me and has really switched the mood on the season. Despite -20 C temperatures here in Canmore I have been putting in some good hours to prepare for the Competitions and feel more confident with my shooting then ever before. We leave to the Czech Republic on the 23rd of January and come back on February 6th and then I'm off to the Canada Winter Games in Halifax. I am looking forward to the second half of the season and feel that it will bring better Results.


  1. That's awesome Aaron... I'm very jealous that you're going to Czech Rep. I've always thought Prague (which I've only seen in film) has got to be one of the most incredible cities in the world. I hope you get to see it. Take some pictures, and not like that brutal blurry one here. Lu and Finn pass on a big XOXO.
    Big T

  2. Hey Aaron. Your mom and I are really excited that you get this opportunity. We hope you stop once in a while and realize where you are at and notice the sights. Too bad we can't be there to watch your races. Love you.
    Mom and Dad

  3. yea bro! I know you are going to have an awesome time

  4. congrats on the bronze medal at Halifax... that's fantastic!!!

  5. hey change your settings so anonymous can comment... like your grandparents!